Project Management: It Takes A Village…Or Salesforce Communities & TaskRay

One question we often get asked is how can people use TaskRay to collaborate with those not on the Salesforce platform to manage projects.

The answer is by combining Salesforce Communities and TaskRay. One of the best examples of this solution is exemplified at Papa Murphy’s International, the take and bake pizza chain. Papa Murphy’s astounding growth is driven through a franchise model, and they built a system called PATHWAY that uses TaskRay and Communities to streamline the startup of new franchise stores. It’s been so successful that Salesforce featured the solution multiple times at Dreamforce 2015.

But Papa Murphy’s isn’t the only one taking advantage of TaskRay + Communities. Carlos Villalpando, Salesforce MVP and partner at the awesome Salesforce consulting firm Modacto, has put together quite a few Communities solutions for clients. He recently wowed us by using . TaskRay’s Kanban Lightning Component to build a straight-forward visualization of the project and progress that was accessible by the the client, their clients, and Modacto directly through the Communities portal.

Check out his write-up of the project on the Modacto blog.


Airlink: Fulfilling an Important Mission with Salesforce & TaskRay

Salesforce’s commitment to supporting nonprofits, and it’s 1-1-1 philanthropic model are huge selling points for implementation partners, app and solution partners that work with the platform, and of course, for the millions of Salesforce end-users.’s dedication to nonprofits has brought together tech industry players seeking to use their innovations to help change the world.

TaskRay is proud to follow Salesforce’s 1-1-1 philanthropic model and commits to supporting nonprofits by offering 10 free licenses and an additional 50% discount per license if more than 10 are needed. Because of the relationship they’ve cultivated in the nonprofit community, TaskRay has been able to work with nonprofits of every shape and size and enjoyed watching how their technology helps them change the world. Of the many nonprofits using TaskRay, Airlink stands out as an exemplary case study of how the app can be used to help streamline projects and guide nonprofits toward success.

Airlink’s Executive Director Steven Smith was kind enough to answer some questions about how the nonprofit has used TaskRay throughout their Salesforce implementation and beyond:

What’s your organization’s mission?

Airlink is a rapid-response humanitarian relief organization that links airlines with prequalified nonprofits. Since its inception, Airlink has worked with airline partners to respond to a number of disasters, including the earthquake in Haiti, the tsunami in Japan, Hurricane Sandy and numerous tornadoes in the US, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Additionally, with the help of its airline partners, Airlink has assisted many organizations in addressing ongoing issues in the developing world, such as access to clean water, food, shelter, medical aid, and education.

When did you start using TaskRay?

After winning the Force for Change grant, we selected Idealist Consulting to conduct our Salesforce implementation in April, 2015. We partnered with TaskRay to help facilitate that project in June of the same year.

What functions do you use TaskRay for at your NPO?

Throughout our implementation, TaskRay has helped our internal team manage tasks and coordinate efforts with Idealist Consulting’s external consultants.

Has TaskRay helped you deliver more programmatic impact?

TaskRay helps us organize our thoughts and communication which is indispensable in our line of work!

Has TaskRay helped with your fundraising? Or other operational functions?

Getting our instance of Salesforce up and running has positively impacted every facet of our organization, and TaskRay’s assistance in that process was invaluable.

What advantages does it give you in delivering your mission?

We can clearly track who is responsible for tasks and what tasks are needed, which helps us improve our efficiency of getting resources and aid to the nonprofits that need them.

Can you provide any quotes from users within your organization about how TaskRay has helped them do their jobs better?

“We are finding TaskRay really helpful in coordinating core projects within Salesforce that are key to the management and communications across our global disaster response." -Steven Smith

What advice would you have for other NPO’s looking to add TaskRay to their Salesforce instance?

Start using it immediately for your Salesforce project implementation! Not only does it work as an excellent project management tool within this complicated process, but by getting used to it early on, you’ll enable users in your organization to familiarize themselves with TaskRay's functionality and become comfortable with the tool so they can continue to use it down the road.

Anything else you’d like to say about your organization, TaskRay, or both?

It was very generous of TaskRay to donate the licenses and on behalf of Airlink, we sincerely appreciate it. You are helping the nonprofit space do more for the world and that is an admirable example to set for the rest of the private sector!

TaskRay Inbox App for Cirrus Insight Is Now Available

Even with the rise of work communication tools such as Google Chat and Slack, a lot of project specific communication happens the “old-fashioned” way via email.

To make TaskRay, the #1 rated project management system for Salesforce, even more powerful we’ve integrated with Cirrus Insight to further streamline project communications and information sharing from your inbox.

The TaskRay Inbox App allows TaskRay customers to work with their projects and tasks directly from their inbox.

TaskRay Inbox App recognizes the email address you've highlighted in your inbox and displays associated TaskRay projects and tasks for the account or contact.

You can mark tasks as complete from your inbox and watch your progress bar update real time AND use one-click to associate emails to the Chatter feed of a task.  

To find out more about TaskRay Inbox App, visit Cirrus's Inbox Marketplace

New Print, Scheduling, Lookup Relationship, and Automation Options

This Valentine's Day we wanted to honor our customers by delivering features they would fall in love with. Features not only requested by users, but also in the top 5 most wanted! These features are guaranteed to pack a big punch and cut straight to the heart of process automation. Here's a preview!

New printing options

You can now print gantt charts from the Plan View! 

Because we know fitting a project plan onto a print view can be challenging, we provide you with several output options. 

Hide Tasks

The new hide tasks feature is another in a focused list of improvements for making project templates even more useful. The new hide tasks option will allow you to hide tasks until a certain number of days prior to the scheduled start date. This is a simple way to keep your TaskRay boards clean allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand. Hidden tasks are still searchable and reportable in the standard Salesforce interface.

Toggle Hierarchy

This feature may be small, but a noticeable time saver for our customers. You can now toggle an entire hierarchy on or off.

Lookup Trickler

You can easily relate TaskRay Tasks and Projects to other data in Salesforce. For example, many of our customers choose to add an Account relationship field to TaskRay Projects to connect their TaskRay fulfillment and onboarding projects to an Account. Creating those relationships is as simple as adding the custom lookup relationship field to the TaskRay Project object.

With this release, we now offer a "lookup trickler" that will allow you to propagate those relationships down the hierarchy. In our scenario it would allow you to associate the Account just once and automatically populate the same field on any sub-projects and their tasks.

This is perfect for customers who want to automatically see a TaskRay Tasks related list on their Account records without having to manually associate the Account on each individual task.


Milestone Improvements

Milestones now behave similar to tasks. Milestone markers represent the color of their current status.

PROCESS Automation with template clone

This last feature in our Valentine's Day release is possibly the best! You can now easily reference project templates from Process Builder. This opens many process automation capabilities WITHOUT code!! Imagine every time you close an opportunity a TaskRay project was cloned and created from a template! Now you can with the simple creation of a process.


Exciting announcement ahead!

We also have one more Valentine's Day surprise up our sleeve. Stay tuned for a new integration announcement with one of our favorite apps! 

Release Schedule

  • Saturday, February 13th - Available on AppExchange (and by direct install if you are a current customer)
  • Saturday, February 20th - Automatic upgrade to Sandbox
  • Saturday, March 19th - Automatic upgrade to Production

Which process will you automate in TaskRay with these features? Let us know in comments!

p.s. Our favorite Customer Success guru, Darren Geary, will be publishing a detailed blog post on how to build a simple process to automate project creation from a template using the features described above. Check back next week for an update or subscribe to our blog now so you do not miss this post - it's going to be a great one!

Happy Holidays from Bracket Labs!

From all of us at Bracket Labs to all of you and yours, here's to a great 2015 and looking forward to an even better 2016.