Chris Yeh's Startup Advice Contest

We recently participated in a fun experiment orchestrated by Chris Yeh, a noted entrepreneur and investor in the Bay Area. Chris is a sought-after startup advisor, but despite his love for meeting and talking with entrepreneurs, he doesn’t have enough time for everyone. So he ran a contest where the top three finishers win a 30 minute meeting with him, and the top finisher also wins a blog post from Chris.  And all you needed to do to score points was convince people to “vote” for you by sending a tweet saying:

"I'm voting for @bracketlabs in the @chrisyeh #Startup #Advice Contest!"

Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to get Chris’s feedback on Bracket Labs, especially since his thoughts on sustainable, capital efficient startups are right in line with how we strive to run our business. We asked everyone we knew on Twitter to vote for us, and we watched the leaderboard closely as the contest shaped up.  

Early on, it looked like it was going to be between @bracketlabs and @bjornhendricks, and every time one of us would pull ahead, the other would quickly narrow the gap. But on the last day of the contest, out of nowhere, @readmedia came on strong with a surge of momentum that had them rapidly moving up the list and had us a bit nervous.

Finally,  when the dust settled, we learned we had secured first place!

Congrats to @bjornhendricks and @readmedia for both winning the meeting with Chris and also for being fun competitors.

I’ll save the discussion of our call with Chris for another time, although it was a very valuable 30 minutes.  Oh, and this post kicks off our new Bracket Labs blog and our new website, which @blakelygraham has been polishing using the impressive service offerings of Squarespace.