Campaign Release Notes

MAY 2015 - 1.65


  • ICS: Fixed bug with ICS files generated from month view

MAY 2015 - 1.64


  • ICS: New custom setting to disable ICS features.

FEBRUARY 2015 - 1.63


  • View Selection: Added max height with scroll to accommodate multiple list views going off screen.

FEBRUARY 2015 - 1.61/1.62


  • ICS: Added Description fields to ICS download.

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 - 1.59-1.60


  • ICS: Corrected issue with ICS download in month view.

JANUARY 2015 - 1.58


  • Print: Removed issue with print button opening two windows in Firefox and passing default filter IDs.

JANUARY 2015 - 1.57


  • List View: Added support for apostrophes in list view name.

JANUARY 2015 - 1.56


  • IE8: Minor formatting fix for toolbar.

JANUARY 2015 - 1.55


  • Company Color Settings: Improved error handling for users that do not have permissions to modify company settings.


  • Hover: Moved hover to Campaign Name for improved performance.
  • Click Event: Resolved issue with the inability to click to open Campaign and Description in Plan View between refresh.

JANUARY 2015 - 1.54


  • Chatter: Minor formatting fix for adding new posts.

January 2015 - 1.53


  • Personal Color Settings: Users can now choose between the default company color settings or use a personal color setting.
  • Redesigned Toolbar: Streamlined thus increasing screen real estate dedicated to the calendar.
  • Campaign Count: Count of campaigns currently displayed within the view.
  • Redesigned Campaign Detail Screens: Fresh new modern look.
  • Inline Editing: Campaign Detail screens now supports inline editing.
  • Resized display:  New minimum height to fit more calendar on screen.
  • Hover: Configurable hover (Salesforce mini-page layout) to display campaign details.
  • Locale Support: Automatically switch month view to Monday start for applicable locales.
  • QuickLink to Campaign: Clicking on the Campaign Name in the Detail view will open the Salesforce record, replacing the former Full Campaign Details button.
  • Error Handling: Enhanced error handling to include more details on errors encountered for troubleshooting.