Eric Wu is a co-founder of Bracket Labs, an award-winning Salesforce app partner. He now seres as the Chief Strategy Officer. Bracket Labs products include TaskRay, the most popular project management app in the Salesforce AppExchange, as well as Campaign Calendar for marketing teams.

Prior to founding Bracket Labs, Eric held various product leadership positions in the software, data storage and information security industries, and was a member of the founding executive team of the venture-backed web startup Fuser. He is a frequent contributor to the Boulder product management and startup communities, and he is a big fan of street food, whiskey, and cigars.

More About Eric

1. In 140 characters or less describe what you do at Bracket Labs. Co-founder. Cheering. Challenging. Conversing. Cultivating.

2. Secret talent? I can drive for a really long time, like 10-12 hour stints.
3. Guilty pleasure? Potato chips and french onion dip

4. If you could have dinner with one person alive or dead, who would it be?
Richard Feynman

5. Celebrity doppelgänger? None that I know of

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  Eric Wu  Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Eric Wu
Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer