If you need a little extra working space, click the collapse icon to show or hide the MyDay sidebar.


MyDay will display a counter of activities remaining in your current filter. Watch the number decrease as you complete your work.


You may view MyDay as any MyDay user simply by typing in the name of the user in the Viewing the day for section of the sidebar. Click Clear to return to your day.


Highlight any task with a related Contact or Lead and the sidebar will populate with that Contact or Lead's contact information. Additionally any recent Salesforce Tasks or Events that has occurred on the Contact or Lead or any related object record will display in the Recent Activity section of the sidebar.

Related Details

Highlight any task to create a copy. Once the task is highlighted, simply click any of the four follow-up quick action buttons. Each follow-up button will automatically update the follow-up activity with a due date of today's date + 1, +7, +30, or a custom selected date. The new task will highlight so you can quickly locate and edit details. 


The filters sections in the MyDay sidebar allows you to toggle events and/or completed tasks on or off to show and hide them in your MyDay display.

The MyDay sidebar includes four bulk action capabilities: Mass complete, delete, owner reassignment, and mass update deadlines. 

Bulk Actions