MyDay displays all open Salesforce Tasks & Events and TaskRay Tasks (when applicable) in a configurable table. The table has 3 available views: Today, Overdue, and All. Click any view to filter to a specific subset of tasks.


Each column may be sorted by clicking the column header. The sorted column will be noted by a purple triangle in the column header.


Use the Search box to locate a task(s) or further filter the table.


  1. Type in a task Subject in the Quick Add box and hit enter.
  2. If you are on the Today or Overdue view, notice the Take me to last task added link appears. 
  3. dClick the link to be taken to the task in it's position in the All view for further editing. 



Use the "x" icon in the Complete column to one-click Complete any task.


  1. Click on any dotted underline to edit a field. Clicking on Subject, Related Name, and Related To will take you to the source record, so in these cases you will want to click on the word edit to modify.

  1. In the Related Name or Related To column headers, you may choose an object (e.g. Lead/Contact or Case, Campaign, etc) from the picklist to further filter your results.

  1. Click on the heartbeat icon to expand or collapse the Task Chatter feed or the Chatter feed of a related record.
Chatter Feed